How to Buy & Play

Most Fun Crypto Real Game Platform !
G-Box Platform is an open blockchain game platform that combined the strengths of blockchain and games. Experience real-time remote real games on G-Box!

Step 1 : You need to buy GBX to play G-Box Game games!

After signing in you may purchase GBX on ① Purchase GBX menu.

You can check the amount of Ethereum you own on
② “Address for Depositing Ethereum” tap in “Purchase GBX” menu.
③ You can check the amount of GBX being exchanged on the calculator on the same page.

④ Click “Copy Address to the clipboard”.

⑤ Copy Ethereum(ETH) from the wallet you own to the recipient’s address.
Enter amount of Ethereum you wish to exchange then transfer.

⑥ When you send Ethereum(ETH) to “Address for Depositing Ethereum,” you’ll automatically gain GBX as much as the ratio.

Step 2 : You can click here to play G-Box games.

You can enter game window by playing Play Game button.

Of course, you may begin playing game right away by signing into

Step 3 : G-Box Game is comprised of the followings.

When you enter game window by clicking Play Gamebutton,

You’ll see ① Main Window, ②Sub Window ③Keypad and ④History .

⑤ You’ll see “Start” button on the Main Menu. (Other players may be playing the game already.)

You can play the game by clicking “Start” button.

When the game starts, the sub window and the keypad will be provided.

⑥ Under the lower left corner of the main window, there is a sub window that shows the right side of the device

⑦And keypad is provided on its left that controls the game.

Step 4 : You may play G-Box game like this.

When the game begins, you can control the claw by using the keypad.<

The keypad provides ① LEFT(←), ② RIGHT(→), ③ UP(↑), ④ DOWN(↓) and ⑤PICK UP button, and you can control the claw by using these buttons. Clicking the buttons move the claw by little in the corresponding direction, and pressing on it moves the claw continuously. The claw descends when the time’s up or by pressing the PICK UP button.

⑥ The keypad is disabled after the claw starts descending and “Continue” button is activated. You may continue playing games by clicking “Continue” button before the game completely finishes.

You cannot play the game if the other player is playing the game. When the player finishes playing the game, “Start” button is activated on the main window. Note that if there are too many players playing the game, your turn may not begin.

⑦ After playing the game, the history of GBX deduction is shown on the History menu, and you can win GBX by winning dolls. Players that won games are highlighted with colors.

Step 5 : Game Result and History

You can receive GBX registered in the doll when you successfully win the doll.
① You can browse game history on "Game record"menu on the left.
② You can check the total amount of GBX you own and game statistics on "Dash Board"
③ You can check GBX purchase history on"Transaction record".
④ You can withdraw GBX on"Withdraw GBX".